Some Membership Fine Points

The tipping of staff within the Riverine Club is not pertmitted.
Accommodation is only available for members and their guests, and for reciprocal members.
Members may invite any number of guests to Club functions in accordance with the Club Articles.
Members must sign their guests into the Register and by law, the guests must be in the company of the member at all times whilst in the Riverine Club.
Private parties may be held by arrangement with the Club which provides excellent facilities. Although there is no normal trading on Saturdays, weddings, functions and parties may always be arranged for that day. Facilities are also available for conferences and meetings.
The Riverine Club has a carefully stocked cellar and some harder to get wines are available through periodic allotments. The Club's Premium Wine allotments are conducted throughout the year with members wishing to participate advising our staff of their intention.
Mobile telephones are to be switched to silent mode and any conversations using these annoying devices must not take place in the Members Bar, the Reading Room, nor the dining areas.
Snooker and Billiards are enjoyed both socially and in handicapped tournaments continuously throughout the year. Any fees are placed in the box by the loser.
Dress regulations apply in the Club during normal Club hours and there is a minimum standard of attire. For gentlemen, this should include a tie and leather shoes. Ladies should dress appropriately to reflect an equivilent standard. Please note during the Summer the wearing of a tie is optional.