Captain's Report v Wantabadgery 2009

About 10.15 am yesterday 11 fit and skilled players turned up at Borambola, closely followed by the Riverine Club players. First task was for Burmo to clear out the young soccer players who correctly thought they had the ground booked, but we sorted that out. They heard Burmo had got his guns back!

RCCC batted. Young recruit Dave Noble, pressganged by Playfair, went the tonk and made 40, but Purce showed everyone up, batting beautifully to eventually retire on 50-odd. 3/94 at the break. Wantabadgery took to us and were 1-109 at lunch. Boyce opened up fast and wide, Adams was economical, but they got their eyes in and made us pay. By then, of course, the ground was drier and faster, enabling them to hit more fours, and we dropped our usual quota of catches.

Pommie import Rob Hitchens made his debut, and looks a handy acquisition when he qualifies. He’s only been here 26 years. He speaks Oxford x Grong Grong, a new language to most of us.

We piled on 110 in the next session, with everyone getting a few. Richard Brookes retired on 25. Bully sent Paton back to the pavilion. Somehow the words yes and no get all confused when certain batsmen are at the crease.

RCCC were in with a chance but when they batted it seemed every skied ball landed in the clear, and they hit us everywhere. Those new balls O’Reilly bought are slow out of the hand but very fast off the bat. The bowling figures don’t make pretty reading.

They got the runs with a couple of overs to spare.

They were a good bunch of lads, and brought a few wives and children, and put on a great lunch. Well done to Joe Howard.

Last match of season next weekend against Albury. Fred has the team fired up.

Richard Eldershaw