Captain's Report v Wagga India XI 2008

Hello Boys

Sorry to have taken so long to get this report done but I was away the week before the game so had lots to do when I got back and promised to get it done over the weekend but ended having to go to Yarrawonga. So here we are Monday morning 8 days after the major event with everyone apparently waiting with baited breath for the report. David Benn has forwarded on the results of both games for everyone and as you can see we got over the line in front twice.
That makes it 2 wins out of 3 games so far for the Riverine Club Cricket Club this season.

The game was played in very good spirit and I sincerely hope that it continues next year. We won both games quite easily but it was great to see such a good following from the Wagga Indian Community. They must have had 13 players and at least 20 more family and friends. Well done Benny for telling everyone to bring food for 3 rather than the normal 2 or we might have been a bit embarrassed.

In future years the games might become a bit more competitive and that will be a good thing or maybe they will have a secret weapon next year when it is their turn to cater.
Highlights of the day were Simon's umpiring. I hope he enjoyed it and the walkie talkies were a great idea. This made it so much easier for the scorer. All the bowlers from both sides bowled ok. Maybe some not bowling as competitive as they could have, but that was a good thing  (horses for courses).

I don't believe either side bowled a wide so you could at least hit the ball and the ball was pitched up which was the right thing to do under the circumstances. Every batsman made a run with a majority of our blokes retiring so that this was achievable. I didn't have to however. You only have to miss one!

All players fielded enthusiastically. I have never played in a game before where the captain has been clapped as soon as he walked on the ground. Most times we normally wait till he takes block. Youthful enthusiasm is great. No wonder every time you turn the radio on they are advertising something for us oldies to squirt up our nose.

To finish off thanks everyone for turning up and making the inaugural game against the Wagga Indian Community Xl a success. Let's hope it gets stronger every year.

Thanks to David for being IC. Thanks to Dr Neil Pinto for having a pewter mug engraved to mark the occasion. Our local Chemist has that in safe keeping. Thanks to Simon for getting some photos to remember the day.

As this was the last game before Christmas I wish everyone a happy and safe festive period and hope to see everyone on the paddock in the New Year.

Bryan Pomeroy, Captain, RCCC XI v Wagga India XI

Scoresheet: RCCC XI v Wagga India XI

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