Captain's Report v Albury 2009

The RCCC boys finished the season on a great note against Albury last weekend, with a fine win and a great social day, with many injuries and sixes.

Albury were desperate to win the Ollie Cox trophy, and had even had practice sessions. They also had three or four very handy cricketers, including a couple of quicks.

The pitch at Scots had an inch of rain on Thursday night, and the curator did a great job getting the pitch playable, although it was very slow and puggy. Luckily for Albury, Rob Inglis didn’t play, because he would have been unplayable.

RCCC batted first and were in trouble. Smith, Olsson & Scott scored 111 between them, 1 each, before Lawson & Porter took the score from 3/7 to 4/28. Lawson then became the first casualty, twisting his knee trying to hit another six. Porter and Pearse added a few more but RCCC went to the first break at 4/46, not good.

Canny captain Cannon read the conditions well and opened our bowling with Olsson & Scott, not a terrifying pair, but they kept a lid on Albury’s scoring. Scott injured his groin, blamed his wife, and came off an even shorter run. As Jane remarked, he is usually a bit short of a length! Brett Olsson bowled his five overs, took a very sharp slips catch and then he left the field injured. Fortunately we had young Toby Harris and his mate Tom to field. Albury went to lunch at 4-76. It looked like a short afternoon.

The Albury Club put on a beautiful sit down lunch at their Club. Pity Brett & Mark Smith, one normally intelligent and the other a doctor, got lost on the way and had to make do with Hungry Jacks!

Back to bat, Mark Yates pulls a hamstring, but that didn’t stop him playing a great innings of 50 retired. Ollie Cox would have liked that. A six back over the head of their big quick was a gem. Harris, Cannon and Paton tried to add a few quick runs, before the injured Lawson came with a runner for the last over. The Albury Captain Alan Arthur at that stage had bowled four overs, 1/9, but he finished with 1/29, including one six that just missed the XPT back to Wagga. In all seven sixes were hit, two each to Eldershaw and Yates and three by Lawson, nearly as good as the eight against Bradman two years ago. RCCC finished on 8/170.

So, Albury were set 95 to win with 6 wickets in hand in 16 eight ball overs. Their gun retired at 50 and a little fat bloke was hard to get out too, until it came down to them needing 22 off five overs with two wickets in hand. Very close, especially with four RCCC fieldsman hobbling, and Albury’s No.3 batsman returning to the crease, but on came the secret weapon, Rob Harris, and it was all over. The poor Albury captain, umpiring, had to give their last batsman out LBW, in a painful decision, but one that summed up the spirit of the day. Eldershaw, Harris & Scott took two wickets each, and Yates, Lawson, Cannon & Porter took one each. Dave Cannon did a superb job captaining.

It was a great team effort, and really one of those days that had so much; a good competitive match, great company, perfect weather and wonderful hospitality in a lovely venue, both at the ground and at the Club. Quite a few wives came along, and Pres Fred was there to keep their scorer honest and guard his godfathers trophy. A beautiful day.