Captain's Report, RCCC XI v Jingelix 2009

Hello eager cricketer followers


I know you’re busting to know how the gallant men went at Jingellic in the trying conditions.


In summary;

  1. A glorious defeat. 220 runs to 194. 27 runs off the last ball was too much for Benny & Meggo, despite all the encouragement and advice.
  2. O’Reilly, Benn, Lawson, Scott, Durnan & Bull all amongst the runs.
  3. Catching again an issue, with all their high scorers being given chances.
  4. O’Reilly and Bull did the damage with the ball, using the theory that if you toss up a dolly, the batsmen will be confused as to whether to hit it into NSW or Victoria, and they’ll get themselves out.
  5. There were quite a lot of leaves from the plane trees on the ground, given the dry season. This was a hazard for Russell Durnan who lost the ball in the leaves, panicked, scratched like a chook as the batsmen kept running until someone came to his rescue. As his brother Neil said, he should have let the batsmen run ten, then kicked the ball over the boundary and signaled four. Russell also then lost his wallet, and went through the same routine, until again someone came to his rescue.
  6. The Murray river at the back of the pub is a beautiful thing, until when twenty two cricketers jump in it, variously clad in full cricket gear or old Y-fronts. There appeared to be a few campsites rapidly packed up and vacated from the park nearby. Not sure why!
  7. Fantastic IC job by O’Reilly.


Roll on Holbrook next Sunday.


Richard Eldershaw - standing in for Captain Scott who can’t write this because he has a sore back...