Captain's Report, RCCC XI v Holbrook 2009

The fixture at Borambola yesterday set the tone for the 20/20 later in the evening, with inspirational fielding and catching and a one run result at the end.

RCCC batted first and struggled on the slow outfield against the younger fieldsman and were not looking good after 16 overs at 6/74. However our fieldsman lifted and we had Holbrook at 4/64 at lunch. Nicely balanced. Porter & Murrell took a couple of wickets each.

After lunch, Rob Inglis, Dougald McKay, David Benn and Geoff Linden pushed our score up to 9/164, a great effort. Inglis looked very competent before retiring on 23 not out, looking after his average. We may have found a new role for Benny, with his big hitting at the death. He wears so much elastic that when he winds up there is no stopping him!

The scene was set, but Holbrook had a young bloke getting his eye in, who eventually hit the winning runs with one ball to spare, last man in. Rob Inglis bowled beautifully to get 1/17 off five overs.

Other memorable features:

1.The return of Dougald McKay to the field after a hip replacement. He batted and fielded very well. Great stuff.

2.The catch of Geoff Linden’s on the last ball was as good as we see, one handed stumbling backwards over his head at deep midwicket, with a slippery, heavy ball after the shower of rain. If he’d only done it one ball earlier we would have won the game.

3.Dennis Purcell’s direct hit to run out Dasher Willis.

4.Simon Paton kept hitting middle stump with his returns.

5.Holbrook was captained by Wagga resident Simon Playfair. Simon remembered his allegiances and ran himself out without facing a ball. After all, he is a director of the Riverine Club!

Our next match is against Kapooka at Borambola on 1st March. Burmo is IC. The Wyangle match scheduled for 22 Feb has been postponed.

We seem to be missing a bat, maybe even after last weekend against Jingellic. Any clues? I don’t even know the brand, but we’re down to three and we had four.

Another great day.

Richard Eldershaw

PS (from Lee Murrell) What Richard has been too modest to mention is the fact that he caught each of the first 4 wickets to fall, surely a club record. The first two were sharp catches in close during the second over of the day after the batsmen where surprised by Murrell’s lack of pace.  The third was a blinder, after which the fourth looked rather ho-hum.  Added to some brilliant saves, the skipper’s fielding kept us in the game to the second last ball.

PPS (from Rob Inglis) Well put Lee. Richard did what all good captains should, lead by example on the field. Off the field however, a slightly different story, a 3 am. finish on Saturday night evidently - he did well to even see the ball let alone catch it !

PPPS (from Simon Playfair) Well done Riverine club a great day and a delight to be amongst friends. The result is irrelevant but thank you Richard for pointing out my allegiance. Please ensure when doing the draw for next year that the Holbrook boys would love to host The Riverine club at Holbrook in '10.