Some Occasions


By no means is this a comprehensive listing of the events the Club hosts. If you would like a calendar of upcoming functions, please contact the office and we will be happy to keep you informed.

The Robbie Burns Supper

Club members and guests are invited to attend our annual celebration of the life of the Bard. Nobody gets out of getting their fair share of the traditionally piped-in haggis, scotch and impromptu speeches. The wit, humour and good-natured fun of the Supper is an annual highlight of club life.


Family Nights

Family nights are a lovely way for members and their families to catch up. That's not to say, that club life is so attractive, our members don't catch up with their families outside of Family Nights. With children dispatched from Wagga Wagga to all parts of the Universe to secure an education, a Family Night is an essential part of any school holiday program so the next generation of members can enjoy the facilities of the Club. The menu is cheap and cheerful. Please contact the office for details.

The President's Dinner

This is an annual black-tie dinner dating back to the club's inception in 1881 hosted by the president of the Riverine Club. The dinner is usually scheduled to take place in August each year.

Club Picnics

As many of our members are pastoralists, members occasionally have access to enjoy secret favourite picnic spots on private land. Whilst the current drought has pre-occupied most in rural life, it is hoped that with better seasons ahead will see the return of the autumn break Club Picnic and bonfires.